A Philippine senator accused President Rodrigo Duterte of stashing away 2,400 pesos ($48 million) in undeclared accounts and called for making his banking records public.

Antonio Trillanes, who is one of the biggest critics of the Duterte administration, addressed a press conference in Manila, where he presented documents to substantiate his accusation and challenged the president to prove him wrong.

The documents, provided to EFE by the senator's office, contain records of the alleged bank accounts of the president, his current wife and his three adult children, from 2006 to 2015, during which he was the mayor of Davao.

During his election campaign for the post of vice president in the May elections last year, Trillanes had denounced Duterte for amassing large sums of undeclared money from dubious sources.

Trillanes said Duterte had then said he would prove the senator wrong, but many months have passed since then and the president is yet to respond to his accusations.

Meanwhile, Duterte's spokesperson Ernesto Abella told the media in Manila that Trillanes should address the matter through appropriate legal channels.