North Korea on Saturday slammed the Group of Seven (G7) for including criticism of its weapons launches in its latest statement, and defended its strengthening of self-defense capabilities.

During its summit in Elmau, Germany, earlier this week, the G7 (US, Canada, Japan, France, Italy and Germany) called on Pyongyang to "abandon its weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner."

In a statement published Saturday by the state news agency KCNA and signed by the director general of the department of international organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jo Chol-su, North Korea described the G7 as "a little short of a 'group of nobles'" that seeks to recover its old position "while lamenting over their fate destined to sink like the setting sun," and "has neither ability and justification to lead the world community and right to teaching other countries nor right to admonish others."