New Delhi

India's iconic minaret Qutub Minar has become mired in a dispute due to the controversial demand of rebuilding 27 Hindu temples in the complex surrounding it, as these were allegedly destroyed to make way for Islamic monuments.

Considered the world's tallest brick minaret at 72.5 meters, Qutub Minar is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Indian capital.

According to historical texts, it was built as a symbol of victory after a Turkic invasion of the region in the 12th century.

The monuments surrounding the minaret, which include graves and mausoleums, a great doorway in the Indo-Islamic style - Alai-Darwaza - and two mosques, was ostensibly built from the material taken from 27 temples managed by the Hindu Brahmin (priest) caste, apart from the sanctum-sanctorum of a temple dedicated to god Vishnu.