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Coronavirus infection rates continued to rise in many European countries on Thursday, with a spike of cases in Spain and Germany.

Elsewhere on the continent, Greece has seen a rise in unemployment, a group of Belgium tourists contracted Covid-19 in Portugal and the United Kingdom gave its health service a financial boost.

Madrid continued to be the epicenter of contagion in Spain with 1,301 infections and 30 deaths in the capital region in the last 24 hours.

The increase in cases has put a strain on hospitals in the area with Covid-19 patients accounting for around 22 percent of those being treated, compared to a national average of 8.5 percent, according to health officials.

There are currently 2,850 people being treated in hospitals for coronavirus, 89 more than on Wednesday, and 392 in intensive care units, an increase of 21 from the previous day.

Almost a third of all cases registered in Spain in recent days have been in the city and its surrounding region.

The Madrid region has recorded 186,826 confirmed cases and 15,727 deaths since the start of the pandemic.