EFEBy German Reyes San Esteban, Honduras

A severe drought is battering the farming and ranching sectors in Honduras, where growers have seen their corn and bean production fall by more than half and cattle raisers in the eastern province of Olancho have lost more than 1,000 head of livestock.

"There are ranchers here who have lost 80 cattle. An assessment was made and they say that 1,000 head of cattle have been lost throughout the Agalta Valley," Alvaro Ramos - a small rancher in San Esteban, a municipality in Olancho about 281 kilometers (175 miles) east of Honduras' capital, Tegucigalpa - told EFE.

The drought in the Central American country also has affected large urban areas such as Tegucigalpa, home to 1.5 million inhabitants.

Water levels at that city's two most important reservoirs have fallen by around 20 percent, prompting Mayor Nasry Asfura to predict that - barring sufficient rainfall between September and December - the situation in the summer of 2020 will be "very serious." EFE