Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero met here Wednesday with Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who was transferred from prison to house arrest thanks in part to the Spaniard's efforts.

Zapatero's visit to the Lopez residence was disclosed by lawmaker Freddy Guevara via Twitter.

Lopez's wife, Lilian Tintori, has acknowledged the Spanish politician's key role in securing her husband's transfer to house arrest from the military prison where he had been held for more than three years.

Since coming home, the prominent opposition leader has spoken by telephone with Organization of American States chief Luis Almagro and with Spain's current prime minister, Mariano Rajoy.

Lopez was sentenced to more than 13 years in prison on charges that he instigated violence during anti-government protests in February 2014.

Members of President Nicolas Maduro's administration said the decision to grant house arrest was the result of a dialogue mediated by Zapatero and other international dignitaries.

Lopez was escorted to his Caracas home by two Maduro allies, former Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez and her brother, Jorge Rodriguez, mayor of the capital municipality of Libertador.