efe-epaCeuta, Spain

Two women have died as a result of a human crush that occurred when a crowd of people attempted to push through a border gate separating Spain's autonomous territory of Ceuta and Morocco, Spanish police told EFE Monday.

Authorities said they would open an investigation into the crush, which took place on the Moroccan side of the Bab Sebta border crossing and also caused several injuries.

Police said the two Moroccan women who died were among the large groups of transporters who pass through the border on a daily basis carrying hefty bags of merchandise on their backs, which can weigh up to 50-kilograms (110-pounds).

Such tragedies have occurred several times on the Moroccan-Spain border over the last few years, despite efforts to renovate crossing points to make them more manageable.

In Sept., following the death of another two transporters as a result of a stampede, Morocco's government spokesman Mustafa Khalfi, said there would be drastic and tangible measures put in place to avoid repeat occurrences.

Contraband and merchandise brought over the border from Ceuta serve as a lifeline for many merchant families in the northern Tetuan region of Morocco.