One of the lawyers of the ousted Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, on Thursday described as "absurd" the latest corruption charges levelled by the military junta against the Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

"These accusations of bribery and corruption upon DASSK (Suu Kyi) are absurd. They are groundless. In my experience of fifty years as a political analyst and political activist I’ve never met any statesman more honest and incorruptible as DASSK. She might have defects but personal greed and corruption are not her traits," Khin Maung Zaw told EFE.

The Anti-Corruption Commission, controlled by the military junta since the coup on Feb. 1, filed complaints with the police against Suu Kyi on Wednesday for allegedly receiving bribes and taking advantage of her position to rent land at a better price, state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar said on Thursday.

The commission also accused Suu Kyi of misusing her authority to rent public land in Yangon and two lands in Naypyidaw at a lower price, causing losses to the treasury of 24.2 billion kyat ($14.68 million).

The agency also said that Suu Kyi used funds raised in donations for a foundation that she chairs to build a residence and that she accepted $600,000 and 11.2 kilograms of gold in bribes.