The Venezuelan government will conduct an "exhaustive" review of its relations with Spain, Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said Wednesday after meeting with the Spanish envoy in Caracas.

"We are following instructions from President (Nicolas) Maduro, carrying out an exhaustive review of relations between Spain and Venezuela," Rodriguez said after her conversation with Spanish Ambassador Antonio Perez-Hernandez y Torra.

She called in Spain's envoy a day after Maduro vowed to enact a package of "comprehensive responses" to a resolution from the Spanish Parliament calling for the immediate release of several Venezuelan opposition leaders jailed on charges of instigating anti-government violence.

Earlier Wednesday, the Spanish Foreign Ministry summoned Venezuelan Ambassador Mario Isea to complain about Maduro's "intolerable" attacks on Spain's prime minister, conservative Mariano Rajoy.

In remarks Tuesday night, the Venezuelan president denounced aggression toward his country "on the part of the corrupt and corrupted elites of Spain."

Maduro went on to ask rhetorically why Spanish lawmakers don't focus on problems in their own country, such as high unemployment, corruption and home evictions.

"Let them go opine about their mother, but don't opine about Venezuela," the leftist president said.

"I want to have good relations with all of Spain, with those who govern. I want to have good relations with everyone, but enough already: how long will we put up with abuse, contempt, racism," Maduro said, accusing Prime Minister Rajoy of harboring "historical racism."