Venezuela's Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday night ordered the arrest of congressman German Ferrer, the husband of former Attorney General Luisa Ortega.

The Public Ministry accuses Ferrer of being part of an extortion network operating within the Prosecutor's Office while Ortega was in charge.

Tarek Saab, Ortega's replacement, had called for the arrest of Ferrer earlier on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court of Justice ruled that, due to the "flagrant" nature of his crimes, Ferrer would have his parliamentary immunity removed.

The prosecution said it has "original documents" signed by Ferrer and Public Ministry prosecutors that would prove that they had opened several accounts in the Bahamas, which held up to $6 million made from extorting businessmen working in the country's oil industry in exchange for protection from prosecution.

Ferrer is one of the former members of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) who distanced themselves from President Nicolas Maduro and set up their own parliamentary group in the Venezuelan Legislative Chamber.

His wife, Luisa Ortega, voiced her opposition several months ago against the government as well as the Supreme Court that she accused of serving the Executive.

She was removed from office on Aug. 5 by the newly established pro-Maduro National Constituent Assembly.

Ferrer and Ortega's residence in Caracas was searched on Wednesday by intelligence officers, who also took away computers and other materials from the house.