The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday raised the death toll from the cholera outbreak in Yemen to 222.

In a post to Twitter, WHO pointed out that about 20,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported in 17 governorates.

"To date, around 20,000 suspected cases of #cholera have been reported in 17 governorates, including 222 associated deaths. #Yemen," WHO said in the post, which is illustrated with a photo showing doctors and nurses treating patients in a Yemeni hospital.

The number of registered cases is multiplying every day in the war-torn Arab country and the death toll keeps increasing in an "alarming" way, UNICEF said earlier in a post to Twitter.

The last cholera epidemic in the country occurred between Oct-Feb. 2016, when 143 people died.

Additionally, both the rebels and government loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, based in the southern city of Aden, have announced measures in order to control the outbreak of the disease.

United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Jamie McGoldrick told EFE on Tuesday that more than 50 percent of the health centers in Yemen were not functioning as a result of the war currently taking place in the country, adding that the spread of cholera was not surprising.

The conflict in Yemen began in late 2014 with the uprising of Houthi rebels against the government of Hadi.