The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is set to kick off on July 23, but the Japanese population is divided over whether to stage the Games amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Local organizers, the Japanese government, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have worked around the clock since postponing the games until 2021 to design infection prevention measures, renegotiate contracts and rearrange the dimensions of the event.

In a bit to ensure safety, they adopted a series of guidelines including daily Covid-19 testing and restrictions on the number of spectators.

The strict testing program will oblige all people arriving from abroad to present a negative test before takeoff, upon landing, and during the event.

Once in, those coming from areas with new variants will have to self-isolate for at least three days before going to training or moving between facilities to keep contact with people to a minimum.

In addition, the IOC said that more than 80% of the occupants of the Olympic Village will be fully vaccinated.