The chairman of Bayern Munich said on Monday that rumors about the Bavarian club's interest in signing Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo belongs to the realms of fantasy.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge pointed out that the German club is used to being the subject of intense speculation during transfer windows.

"Normally we don't comment on rumors, but in this case, we would like to make our position on Cristiano Ronaldo absolutely clear," the chairman said, according to Bayern's official website.

"This rumor is completely unfounded and must be consigned to the realms of fantasy," Rummenigge said.

Some German media outlets had recently reported rumors about Bayern's possible interest in signing the Portuguese superstar and claimed that the Bavarian club is ready to offer 200 million euros ($223 million).

Media outlets have also speculated that Cristiano is thinking about leaving Real Madrid due tax-related problems he faces in Spain.