Real Madrid coach Rafa Benitez ruled out that his rotation policy will affect Portuguese Cristiano in the coming Malaga face off on Saturday.

Benitez defended Cristiano's physical condition stressing at the same time that there is no alternative to the Portuguese star.

"The most important player on the pitch is the one capable of scoring at any moment, and if you feel that it will be a tricky match, then you don't take that player off," Benitez said.

"As Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who scores most frequently, it's only logical that I wouldn't take him off.

As he's such a good player what I like about him is his knack for hitting the target," he added explaining his decision.

Benitez follows the rotation system in order to change the physical state in which the team finished last season with Carlo Ancelotti, but he excluded Ronaldo from the policy.