Aleksander Ceferin of Slovenia was re-elected Thursday as UEFA president for the next four years after running unopposed during the organization's 43rd Ordinary Congress in the Italian capital Rome.

The 51-year-old, who first took over UEFA's helm in 2016, is the seventh president elected by UEFA's 55 member associations.

"We must not allow our recent short-term successes to hide the much more complex challenges that lie ahead," Ceferin said in his speech at the congress after the announcement of his second term.

The re-election was celebrated with a long round of applause from presidents and executives who were present in the room at Rome's Hotel Cavalieri, where the Congress took place.

Ceferin emphasized that UEFA is set to make a new strategy for the European soccer in the years 2019-2024.

"We will work hand in hand with our partner, the ECA (European Club Association), to design the club competitions of the future. Club competitions that are in keeping with the times, full of excitement and intensity, and open a new type of competition that will bring a different dimension to European soccer," he added.

"Clubs from all 55 member associations will have the opportunity to take part, and qualification will be based on sporting merit," Ceferin explained.

Meanwhile, the Slovenian lawyer and soccer administrator mentioned that UEFA is to support FIFA and enter into an era devoid of rivalry between the two soccer organizations.

"We will be a source of constructive ideas for FIFA, rather than one of opposition. We are ready to work with the world governing body to ensure that football remains the world's number one sport, and that Europe continues to lead the way," UEFA's president said.

Ceferin said that making soccer more available to all the fans around the world is to be one of the new challenges.

"We are fully aware that a revolution is under way," the newly re-elected head said.

Ceferin concluded his speech stressing that during his new term he would make sure that "European football remains united, that European football remains respectful, respectable and respected, and that European football continues to demonstrate solidarity and bring hope."