efe-epaBy Gines Muñoz Barcelona

Retired Formula One driver Jaime Alguersuari's new book tells his tale of how he went from F1 driver on the cusp of fortune to successful music-maker.

In an interview with EFE, the 28-year-old Spaniard revealed the reasons behind his decision to quit racing despite his promising future in motorsport.

“In F1, I used to have feelings of hatred. Hatred towards journalists who could invent things about me, hatred towards people who used not to smile at me, hatred towards some drivers," Alguersuari said during the interview at the headquarters of the Planeta Group publishing house. "Hatred and ego kill talent."

Alguersuari said he has learned to leave all that hatred behind and to reinvent himself as a DJ and a music producer, something he has detailed in his book ‘Reinventate: Como pase de la Formula 1 a la musica’ or ‘Reinvention: How I went from Formula 1 to music.’

“In life, nothing happens by chance and my destiny was not in the races. Some may think that I am a wasted talent, who was going for a world champion and failed, but I feel rather privileged,” Alguersuari said.

Alguersuari won Formula Renault 2.0 Italia in 2006 and defended the British Formula 3 in 2008, then, in 2009, he became the youngest driver in history to take part in a Grand Prix at the age of 19 after making his debut at the Hungaroring as a Toro Rosso driver.

However, after several seasons of remarkable results with Toro Rosso, the team sacked him abruptly and unexpectedly.

“When I was fired from F1, it was very hard for me… I was full of rancor and revenge,” said Alguersuari, who added that he now sees it as the best that could have ever happened to him.

“It was a lesson in humility, a lesson that has made me able to learn and evolve ethically and morally,” Alguersuari said.

In 2011, the retired racer brought his first album Organic Life to light, which topped iTunes for five consecutive days after the release.

“There is no multinational company behind me that tells me how to dress or what I have to say. In F1 I felt like a puppet. However, music is my baby, my creation, which reflects my personality and defines me,” Alguersuari said proudly.

In 33 chapters, the musician reveals his story and the phases he went through before landing on his new life.