efe-epaPyeongChang, South Korea

North and South Korea on Sunday again joined together symbolically for the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which were dominated by Norway's 39 medals.

Athletes from the two Koreas again marched together like for the opening ceremony of the XXIII Winter Olympics, though this time under both the unified flag and their respective national flags held aloft by skaters Lee Seung-hoon and Kim Ju-sik.

The closing event for the so-called Peace Olympics combined symbols and instruments from both countries with a drone show that painted lights and silhouettes across a stage on which Korean pop sensations EXO and CL performed.

Meanwhile, on the box seat reserved for authorities, a North Korean delegation sat alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Ivanka, daughter of United States President Donald Trump.

Norway's athletes emerged as clear champions this year, racking up 14 gold medals, 14 silver and 11 bronze.

Germany was only slightly behind, with a total of 31 medals, while Canada finished third with 29.

This was the largest ever edition of the Winter Olympics, with 2,920 athletes from 92 countries competing for 102 gold medals in 15 sports.

The United States sent the most athletes, a record-breaking 242, while Russia, which ordinarily dominates the games, sent 168 contenders who competed under a neutral flag due to the country's Olympic ban following a doping scandal.

During a show that featured panda bears and dozens of skaters, the Winter Olympics were handed over to Beijing mayor Chen Jining, whose city is to next host the games in 2022.