Climate change and El Niño have contributed to increased deaths from virulent lightning storms by 42.6 percent with 107 cases last year due to rise in global warming in Cambodia, local press reported Thursday.

The spokesperson for the National Committee for Disaster Management, Keo Vy, said that 77 were also wounded, according to Phnom Penh Post newspaper.

Property damage increased with the destruction of nine houses due to lightning as against five in 2014.

"Last year, we have seen more extreme weather during the rainy season. More storms mean more lightning," said Vy who linked climate change to the erratic weather pattern caused by El Niño.

A Mekong River Commission adviser, Ian Thomas, pointed out that El Niño led to more severe droughts in the dry season last year between November and April, and more storms in the monsoon between May and October.

El Niño, a cyclical phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean basin that is altering weather conditions in America, Asia and Oceania will probably continue in 2016, he added.