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India announced Thursday it plans to put its own space station into orbit in the near future and has other projects in the pipeline.

“India is planning to have its own space station,” president of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Kailasavadivoo Sivan, told the press, adding it “won’t be very huge” and his country did not want to be part of the existing International Space Station (ISS).

The organization will not be concentrating on the project until it has successfully put a manned spacecraft into orbit, a launch that was scheduled for 2022 and for which the government has authorized almost $1.4 billion (1.2 billion euros).

According to Sivan, the country will also be launching a mission to the moon on July 15 that aims to track variations in the composition of the moon’s surface to determine its origin and evolution.

It will also focus on studying the origin of its water through the distribution of molecules that form it.

The ISRO said it was also planning a mission for 2020 to study the sun’s aura and its impact on climate change, and another related to Venus for 2023.

India, with one of the world’s most active space programs, started putting satellites into orbit around Earth in 1999.

It is part of an exclusive group of countries that have their own satellite navigation systems, along with the USA (GPS) and Russia (GLONASS). EFE-EPA