efe-epaJerusalem, Jun 11

Two leading Israeli military-industrial companies on Tuesday announced the design of a new supersonic, stealth, high precision, Air-to-Surface missile capable of avoiding detection and penetrate enemy aerial defenses without being intercepted.

According to a joint communique issued by the Israeli Military Industries (IMS) and the Israeli Aircraft Industry (IAI) the new high-precision missile called "Rampage", now in its final development stage, is capable of being launched from a stand-off position by a combat aircraft, 150 km from the target, penetrating enemy defenses undetected and avoiding interception.

The Rampage measures 4.7 m, weighs 570 kg and is powered by a rocket booster. "The rampage has optimum penetration capacity in protected areas" the statement explained, adding that the missile's best target options included Control, Command and Communications centers, air bases and armament and logistic depots" protected by anti-aircraft defense systems.

One of the missile's top features is its ability to control the extent of its shrapnel footprint, thus conferring it with surgical strike capability, accuracy, and minimum collateral damage despite its long flying time to target.

The missile's warhead will be guided by a GPS system giving it round-the-clock, all-weather capability.

Although GPS-backed navigation systems can be easily disrupted, lts main system is backed-up by an algorithm-based navigation system making it almost immune to jamming.

The Rampage could be introduced into service by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) on its F-15, F-16 or F-35 latest generation aircraft.

Its price is estimated to be one-third of similar system's price tags.

IAF's need to provide precision strikes has grown in recent years and in the past months its air force has attacked various alleged Iranian targets in Syria.