efe-epaYokosuka, Japan

A Japanese firm has developed the world's first spherical drone that can reproduce images whilst in flight.

The drone, which has a maximum diameter of 88 centimeters, is made by telecommunications company Docomo, which is hoping to release the drone within two years.

Drones are already used in various fields, including transport and logistics, military, construction and renewable energy.

This new model, which can be remotely operated, is intended to be used at sports events and concerts, as well as in emergency situations, designer Wataru Yamada of Docomo explained to EFE.

The spherical structure, in addition to five propellers, is made up of eight curved LED bars, which produce images similar to the appearance of a hologram while rotating at high speed around a horizontal axis.

Yamada said he took up the project due to his interest in developing technology capable of producing aerial images that people can view live rather than through a screen on mobile devices.

Docomo plans to commercialize this spherical drone in Japan within two years for use in recreational events.

"We are thinking of using it in theaters, during the breaks between the performances, and it could also serve to display advertisements during breaks or at the end of sports events," Yamada said.

"We are working so that the drone can be further used to advise people in emergencies," he said, adding that the device could be used to convey information about shelter locations, among other things, in case of natural disasters.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons are common on the Japanese archipelago, which has 110 active volcanoes.

Ddespite a law passed in 2015 restricting their use, Japan has made steady investments in drones, as seen by their increased presence at technology fairs.