efe-epaDavos (Switzerland)

The Duke of Cambridge, second in line to inherit the crown of the United Kingdom, has interviewed renowned broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday about the urgent challenges facing environmentalists.

Prince William began the interview by asking Attenborough what differences he had noticed between the environment when he began broadcasting in the 1950s and what he saw today.

"Now, there are more people living in towns than in the wild, so it means that the majority of the human race is out of touch with the natural world," he said. "The world then seemed unexplored. It was a wonderland. You'd step off the beaten track and it is primary jungle, unexplored and exciting."

Attenborough had on Monday been given a Crystal Award for his leadership in environmental issues.

The broadcaster told those gathered at Davos that when he first began exploring the natural world, the human population was just a third of what it is today.

"You really did get the feeling you were in the Garden of Eden," he said.

"We are now so numerous, so powerful, so all-pervasive, the mechanisms that we have for destruction are so wholesale and so frightening, that we can actually exterminate whole ecosystems without even noticing it," Attenborough added.