efe-epaHong Kong, China

Thousands of people converged Tuesday on the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong for the RISE technology conference.

Some of the biggest names in technology spoke on Day 2 of the three-day event, including Microsoft president Brad Smith, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and Tinder founder Sean Rad, just a few of the 316 speakers on the roster, according to the event's media release.

One of the most popular speakers Tuesday was also one of the least human: Sophia the robot.

Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, appeared before the audience alongside her human creators David Hanson and Ben Goertzel, an efe-epa journalist reports.

The female robot sang a song and answered questions posed to her by Hanson and Goertzel, though at times she struggled to respond smoothly and accurately.

While answering mathematical questions about addition, she instead multiplied the numbers, spurring her creators to repeat and rephrase the questions.

When asked who her father was, she responded with "Hanson", plugging into her memory that is connected to the internet.

Though her delivery showed that she's not yet at the level of sophistication of androids featured in films such as Blade Runner or Terminator, the audience was still entertained and upbeat.

More than 15,000 people from 102 countries are registered until Wednesday to join RISE, Asia's Asia's largest tech event, according to the organizer.

The summit is also hosting more than 750 tech startups, and 500 investors, including Tencent's Dan Brody and ZhenFund CEO Anna Fang.