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The 2018 edition of Brasil Game Show kicked off this week, offering visitors a chance to explore mysterious caves, travel to parallel universes and fight against mummies and zombies through the magic of virtual reality.

With some 320 exhibitors, BGS aims to offer the more than 300,000 people expected to attend an out-of-this-world experience where assassins, heroes and knights can coexist with Pokemon hunters and Minecraft players.

Cosplayers line up to test the latest versions of their favorite video games or to go up against each other in dance competitions, as dozens of fans struggle to contain their excitement as they wait to get a first scoop at video games that are weeks or even months away from going on sale.

While virtual reality is not exactly new, the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, providing a more vivid user experience.

With the help of special headgear, gloves and sensors, players are able to leave the real world behind to get fully immersed in an assortment of fictional adventures that go from fighting in a trench war and exploring outer space, to struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic scenario straight out of a horror movie.

Los Angeles-based VR company Razer's Chroma Experience offers visitors a chance to plug their computers into an "intelligent light ecosystem," which simulates visual stimuli in tandem with the game projected onto a screen inside a dark chamber.

"The lights in the accessories interact with the game," the CEO of Razer in Latin America, Vitor Martins, said. "It is an integrated ecosystem complete with a mouse, keyboard, headgear and lights."

The show also features several companies catering to women, who make up about 46 percent of gamers worldwide, according to a study by Game Consumer Insights.

Female players often go online using male pseudonyms, however, in order to avoid being harassed online.

BGS's organizer, Marcelo Tavares, said that while there is "still work to be done," women have earned their place in the world of video games.