Mexico's Rancho Electronico has been selected by Germany's Deutsche Welle as the best blog in the Privacy and Security category, the international television broadcaster said Sunday.

The blog's creators provide detailed reports on protecting information, encryption and data monitoring in Mexico, and they organize workshops and other events to raise awareness about the importance of privacy.

Rancho Electronico's goal is to develop "a project based on people and not tools," reaching the public and helping close the digital gap, Renata Avila, a Spanish member of the Best Of The Blogs, or BOBS, jury that grants the prizes each year, said.

Colombia's Radio Ambulante, a platform that combines radio with new technologies, won the BOBS prize for top blog in Spanish.

The BOBS jury, which represented the 14 most important language regions in the world, awarded prizes to bloggers from several other countries, including Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

The BOBS prizes will be handed out on June 23 at the DW Global Media Forum in Bonn.