The prestigious Hotel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris was the venue chosen by Chinese couturier Guo Pei for her fashion show on Sunday, in collaboration with Swiss jewellery maker Chopard in an attempt to jointly reflect success in the combination of female talent.

The Chinese designer, the most famous among the Asian names participating in the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, which began on Sunday and will end on Wednesday, wanted to collaborate with one of her closest friends, Chopard's artistic director Caroline Scheufele, to express the ideal combination of high fashion and high jewellery.

In search of the beauty of both arts, and with an almost total synchronization of styles, Guo Pei and Chopard filled the catwalk with a collection inspired by the Hollywood icons of the 1950's.

For some moments, it seemed as if Grace Kelly and Vivien Leigh were part of the models, thanks to the very classic and elegant designs, which were made to look modern with metallic fabrics and rich colors, such as yellow, always present in the brand.

Diamonds, white gold and emeralds made up the golden brooch on Chopard's side, accompanied by dresses that, with their hues, looked like the continuation of the jewels.

Guo Pei wanted to express the delicacy and beauty hidden in the art of haute couture, far from the trend of fast fashion that prevails in society nowadays, as described by the designer in a welcome note to the guests.

However, both the fashion show and the designs lost the extravagant and traditional oriental marks that have led Guo Pei to fame; perhaps they were too classic and only a couple of designs managed to enthuse the attendants.

For its part, Chopard will present its collection of High Jewelry on July 6 in Paris, next to other high fashion brands such as Chaumet, De Beers and Chanel.