efe-epaBangalore (India)

The smell of gently roasting peanuts has wafted through the streets of Bangalore on Monday during an age-old festival that celebrates the nourishing food, as seen in images captured by an epa photojournalist.

Locals say that Basavanagudi Kadlekai Parishe, as the traditional festival of buying and selling the edible seed also known the groundnut is called, harks back centuries.

"It is said that in 1537, Kempe Gowda dedicated a temple to Dodda Basava on the Basavanagudi hillock. To this day, this temple is known as the Bull Temple and this festival is dedicated to Lord Basava,” a website dedicated to promoting tourism in Bangalore explains.

The neighborhood of Basavanagudi was originally surrounded by villages where groundnut was cultivated, tradition has it.

Not all was harmony and happiness, however, as on every full moon night, a bull would charge into the fields and damage the valuable crops.

In order to mitigate the damage, the farmers prayed to Lord Basava, also known as Nandi, to bring an end to this unfortunate situation and in return for the protection offered, they pledged their first crop.

Today, farmers continue to celebrate the peanut and arrive every year to trade.

Groundnut vendors showcase different varieties and flavors from villages and districts around Bangalore and even further afield.