Sporting a tatty, corduroy flat-cap, Naguib peered comically out of his window, imitating one of the 12 stray dogs that share his burnt-out apartment in the Egyptian capital Cairo, as evident in photographs made available by epa Monday.

The 65-year old Egyptian lives in poverty and shares his apartment not only with the dogs but also with five stray cats.

Images provided by epa showed that one of the adult dogs has given birth to a litter of puppies, adding to the head count in his small living space.

In another image, one of those fluffy arrivals can be seen perched in a pile of Naguib's clothes.

The walls inside Naguib's extremely humble abode are scorched black, evidence of the fire that gutted his apartment and killed his old pet dog.

He had fallen asleep with the cooker on, preparing a meal for his pet.

Without income or family support, Naguib had little option but to stay in his apartment, surviving on government-issued benefits totaling some $20 a month_ most of which goes towards feeding the strays that have moved in to keep him company.

This host of canine and feline acquaintances double up as guards when Naguib leaves the apartment, he told epa.

He said thieves will try to steal little material belongings he has left in the apartment, including the burnt remnants of his window.

Naguib told epa that when he isn't at home, he can usually be found walking aimlessly around the streets of Cairo.