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Mexican musician Ramon Ayala said recording a song with Puerto Rican reggaeton star Daddy Yankee was among his next projects.

"I have a song for him and we'll record it together soon," Ayala said in a press conference Wednesday in Los Angeles, where he was promoting his concert at the Greek Theatre this weekend.

Ayala, who is always open to eclectic projects, said he was happy to be able to work with Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez.

The accordion star said he would also like to work with Paquita la del Barrio and Voz de Mando after having some contacts with them.

Ayala, known as "the King of the Accordion," said he was satisfied with what he had achieved in his artistic career, adding that he had no plans to retire.

"While I am in good health, I'll keep going," the 69-year-old Ayala said.

Ayala said he was working on a movie about his five-decade career.

"This will be a movie about my life, since I was a little boy and began playing the accordion," Ayala said. "I will also cover the time when I was part of Los Relampagos del Norte."

The film will also focus on some of the most painful times in Ayala's life, like when his parents died and "because of work demands" he could not be at their side, the artist said.

Ayala is now promoting his 113th album, titled "Como el topo," and a spin-off single with the same title.

The Mexican musician is also working on the launch of "Tragos Amargos" tequila, whose name is a play on one of the hits in his musical repertoire.

Ayala, a Grammy and Latin Grammy winner, will perform on Sept. 11 in Las Vegas, followed by concerts in Coachela, California, and Madera, California.