efe-epaCologne, Germany

Revelers in towns and cities of western Germany took to the streets on Monday for parades marking the culmination of the carnival season, as witnessed by epa photojournalists on the ground.

Participants were dressed in elaborate garb and many wore masks as they marched alongside effigies depicting diverse political personalities, while onlookers gathered on the roadsides to catch a glimpse of the action.

Citizens in the traditionally Catholic cities of Mainz, Cologne and Düsseldorf were among those who celebrated the occasion of "Rosenmontag," or Rose Monday, as part of the festivities marking the onset of Lent, the six weeks before the Christian feast of Easter.

In the southwestern town of Rottweil, carnival-goers turned out in jester outfits for the traditional "Narrensprung," or Jesters’ Parade.

Internationally-known figures such as United States President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were among those caricatured for this year’s editions of the parades.