Tourists visiting EXPO 2017 Astana and those working at the specialized international exhibition's pavilions in Kazakhstan's capital this summer are to receive fast-track medical services should they fall ill, Kazakh Health Minister Yelzhan Birtanov said Friday.

"Expo visitors and guests will not have to wait in line to get to the doctor. And of course there will be specially trained English-speaking doctors and nurses at all the medical facilities," Birtanov said in an interview with EFE.

Organizers expect five million people to visit Expo 2017 Astana between June 10 and September 10 with the theme "Future Energy."

Birtanov said his ministry is getting a lot of requests for information about whether health care facilities in Astana are prepared for so many visitors, some 900,000 of which will be foreign tourists.

"We outsourced the medical services at Expo to one of the biggest and best private medical companies in Kazakhstan called Medicare, which can deal with health insurance from other countries and provide basic health services and referrals to physicians for free from several medical points at Expo," the minister said.

Birtanov stressed that Medicare personnel are trained in international standards for basic life support and will be able to transport patients to the nearest prepared hospital.

"Also, each hotel in Astana will have a medical office to provide free medical consultations and all of these centers will be linked to polyclinics for further care," Minster Birtanov said.