efe-epaRio de Janeiro, Brazil

The obsession for a perfect tan, which shows a strong difference between less tanned lines of the bikini and the rest of the body, has become a trend in Brazil and now men are picking up the fashion of the "marquinha", until now popular only among women.

Since Brazilian singer Anitta,in her video clip "Vai Malandra", which has become an international hit, showed how women tanned with an adhesive tape applied to enhance the sun's mark, this method of tanning has become popular among the Brazilian population.

And if previously the famous "marquinha" was only common among the female population, which sought to gain attractiveness and sensuality through the tanning lines, now men join this trend, not heeding the warnings of the medical community about skin cancer from sun exposure.

Erika Romero is one of the fans of this fashion and, on a terrace in the neighborhood of Realengo, in the western area of Rio de Janeiro, has started her business "Erika Bronze" and attends to dozens of people who come every day to her roof in search of the best tan.

Once the person arrives at Erika's business, the procedure consists of placing an adhesive tape on the client's body, the size and style will depend on the person's taste, grab a towel and then climb to the terrace to sunbathe.

Once there, Erika's helpers help spread a tanning accelerator over their clients' bodies and hydrate them with water every few minutes so that they can withstand the suffocating heat.

With temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius, customers endure forty minutes under the sun on their front and the same on their back.

Ruan Mendes is one of the young men who goes to the terrace to get a tan. He met Erika through a friend of his who told him about the new way to get a tan and since he tried it he goes once a week to sunbathe with an adhesive tape on his body.

Each tanning session costs around twenty dollars, and in the middle of the austral summer and with the carnival in Rio just around the corner, demand increases considerably at Erika's venue.

Although dermatologists advise taking precautions with the sun, which can significantly damage the skin and cause cancer, Erika says her clients "protect themselves and learn to tan properly.

Although it is mandatory to use a sunscreen lotion, this is only applied once at the start of the session.