Two people were killed Tuesday when a pair of moderate earthquakes rocked the southern Colombian province of Nariño, officials told EFE.

The first quake, a magnitude-4.5, was felt at 4:35 am, followed a minute later by a magnitude-4.3 temblor.

Both of the fatalities were in the Briceño neighborhood of Pasto, the provincial capital.

The two shallow earthquakes originated less than 30 kilometers (18 miles) underground, said the Colombian Geological Service (SGC) in a press release, adding that the epicenter was the Galeras volcano.

"We have no damage to health care infrastructures," Nariño disaster-management coordinator Carlos Bravo told EFE in a phone interview. "We are currently assessing damage to schools and we already started assessing damage to homes. There are no reports of damage in the Galeras region."

The provincial governor, Camilo Romero, said on Twitter that "all the protocols have been activated" and that they will coordinate efforts with Pasto authorities to "manage the emergency."

"We have preventively ordered the suspension of classes in the cities of La Florida and Nariño," Romero said. "So far, there have been no changes to to the volcano early warning system. We are strictly following protocols and all prevention mechanisms have been activated."

The Galeras volcano is one of the most active in Colombia, recently spewing ash and plumes of smoke on several occasions.