efe-epaAl Baghuz (Syria)

At least 32 fighters linked to the Islamic State terror organization, including four of its leaders, were killed over the last few hours during clashes with Kurdish-led militia in the last territory held by the embattled organization in eastern Syria, the militia announced on Saturday.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, which are backed by the United States, said in a statement that one of its fighters has been wounded during the clashes that took place in the town of Al Baghuz over the last 24 hours.

“Our fighters launched an attack on gatherings and positions of Daesh (IS) terrorist group inside the town of Al Baghuz and tense clashes broke out,” SDF said in the statement on its website.

The statement added that the SDF fighters seized different kinds of arms, including 45 AK-47 rifles and 13 RPG-7 portable anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launchers, as well as ammunition, while a military vehicle belonging to the terror organization's fighters was destroyed.

The international coalition, led by the US, launched a total of 12 airstrikes to support the SDF fighters on the ground, according to the statement that added that the bombings targeted “positions and Fortifications of the terror group”.

SDF resumed the final offense to liberate Syria from the IS fighters on Mar. 10, after the deadline given to the terror organization's fighters to surrender had expired.

The SDF had halted its attacks for weeks to allow civilians and those thought to be family members of IS fighters to leave town.

Thousands had been evacuated and thousands of fighters surrendered to the SDF, and only those wishing to resist remain in the town, Mustafa Bali, spokesperson for the militia, said.

Over 21,000 people fled town, including 2,800 fighters, since Feb., when the IS lost control over the town except for a neighborhood and a camp located on its outskirts, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a United Kingdom-based war monitor.

Kurdish forces have been waging war since Sept. against the last IS strongholds in Deir al-Zour province with the help of the international coalition.

Over the past few months, they have conquered almost all the territory in the province that was formerly dominated by the IS.