A Spanish and an Italian national are the main suspects in the murder of Spanish businessman David Bernat, whose dismembered body was discovered in Bangkok last week, investigation sources confirmed to EFE.

The suspects had abducted and extorted Bernat, before killing him to gain access to his bank accounts.

The police detected "movements of large sums of money" from the victim's current accounts in Singapore to banks in Spain and Thailand.

The victim, around 40 years of age from Catalonia, was last seen alive on Jan. 20 when he left an apartment in Bangkok on a motorcycle, accompanied by another Westerner.

"For a few days, when no one knew where he was, the victim responded to messages. However he used words and expressions, in Catalan, that he normally never used," sources told EFE.

The victim and one of the suspects, also a Catalonian, reportedly knew each other from before.

Meanwhile, the last movement registered in the account of the alleged murderer dates back to Jan. 30 in the city of Ayuthaya, north of Bangkok.

According to information accessed by EFE, the suspect's visa had expired a few months ago but according to immigration authorities, he is still in the country.

On Saturday, some of the victim's body parts were discovered in the river, which flows through the Thai capital, and more parts have been recovered since.

The forensic team confirmed they found seven body parts belonging to the same person, who possibly died from asphyxia between Jan. 25-27.

Medical examiners and coroners also found traces of torture on the body parts recovered.

The Thai police are working with their Spanish counterparts to track the suspects, and believe some Thai nationals at least knew about the crime.

The police said Thursday there could be more arrests in the next 48 hours.