A woman is murdered in Honduras every 16 hours, the Women's Rights Center, or CDM, said Tuesday.

At the presentation launching the "Femicide is the highest expression of violence against women" campaign, the CDM's Gilda Rivera told EFE that the majority of those murders were carried out by "husbands or romantic partners."

The women are the "victims of (the) violent society and culture" that prevails in Honduras, she said.

Rivera urged the authorities to put an end to the violence suffered by women, who make up 51 percent of the Honduran population.

She also called for an end to impunity for all types of violence and discrimination affecting women in the country, which has one of the highest homicide rates in the world with 14 murders daily, on average.

"The lack of investigation on the part of the authorities" is one of the main obstacles to ensuring that justice is done in Honduras, she said.

Figures compiled by the CDM show that from 2010 to date there have been 3,000 murders of women in Honduras and just 10 percent of those cases have led to trials.

CDM analyst Neesa Medina emphasized that the violence suffered by women will only end when authorities manage to put an end to impunity, achieve gender equality and empower women.

The activist urged tighter gun regulation in Honduras to reduce violence, as 80 percent of murders are committed with firearms.

"Armed violence is an important factor in the increase in murders of women and an element that dissuades them from filing complaints," said Medina, who added that there are 1.4 million firearms in the country, many of them unregistered and therefore illegal.