Home rental service Airbnb Thursday said it was working toward boosting its vacation rental service in Japan despite a new law that forced it to remove a majority of its listings in the country.

The Private Lodging Business Act, set to come to effect on Friday, had earlier forced Airbnb to remove 80 percent of its accommodation listings in the country as the hosts did not have the necessary authorization from the government to list their apartments on the internet.

"We have made sure that we are following all the rules. We do hope that there would be ongoing dialogue (between the government and home-rental service providers) so as to make sure that we have the simplest set of rules that can still be effective for what the government wants to achieve," Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder of Airbnb, had said in a press conference in Tokyo.

The San Francisco-based company removed over 48,000 listings from hosts in Japan, who did not have the appropriate authorization required by Japan's Hotels and Inns Act, close to 80 percent of its total accommodation listings in the country.

Airbnb had also announced Wednesday its alliance with 36 Japanese businesses in various sectors, including airlines, security and finance, that it hoped would boost its presence in the country.