At least three people were injured Thursday when Haitian police opened fire on hundreds of people who took to the streets of the capital to protest against the alleged corruption surrounding the Petrocaribe program, which brings oil from Venezuela to the country.

The injured, one of them in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the back, were transferred to a hospital in Port-au-Prince.

The police agents started shooting in the center of the capital, when the protest march organized by opposition organizations was in the Campos de Marzo park.

"The police are now on the side of the government, not the people, it's like the years (of the dictatorship) of the military, yesterday and today are the latest examples," protester Janel Pierre Paul told EFE.

Paul, who identified himself as an opponent, exclaimed that the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise "has to leave" along with those involved in the Petrocaribe case, a program through which Venezuela supplies oil to the country on conditions of preferential payment and which has allegedly been the object of acts of corruption.

The demonstration on Thursday ended abruptly like the day before, also in Port-au-Prince, when six people were injured during the funerals for six victims of the violent protests in the capital on Oct. 17.

Like Wednesday, the police officers fired shots and tear gas at dozens of people against the alleged corruption in the government.

"On November 18, we will once again take to the streets en masse to show that we are determined to put an end to the ills of this government," Paul said.