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Oscar Aguad and Alejandro Finocchiaro were sworn in Monday as defense minister and education minister, respectively, replacing Julio Martinez and Esteban Bullrich, who left their posts to run as ruling party candidates for the Argentine Senate.

In a ceremony at the Casa Rosada presidential palace, President Mauricio Macri administered the oath of office to Aguad and Finnochiaro.

Macri wished the two new Cabinet members "the best of success," adding that he trusted them "because they are good people with good intentions."

Finocchiaro was the education minister in Buenos Aires province, while Aguad stepped down as head of the Communications Ministry, which is being folded into the Modernization Ministry.

The campaign for the Aug. 13 primaries, which will decide who will be on the ticket for the Oct. 22 legislative elections, started last week.

Bullrich has been nominated by the governing Cambiemos party as first candidate for the Senate in Buenos Aires province, the country's largest electoral district, while Martinez will run for a seat in the Senate representing La Rioja province.

"My gratitude to Julio and Esteban for this first year and a half of full dedication, enthusiasm and conviction, and their help in improving Argentines' daily lives. We will be by your side during the campaign," Macri said.