At least 10 people were killed Sunday and 29 others injured in twin attacks in northwestern Pakistan.

Gunmen first attacked a police checkpoint and a suicide bomber later detonated explosives outside a hospital, where the two victims from the earlier shooting were taken.

The Pakistani Taliban, Tehrik-e-Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attacks in the town of Dera Ismail Khan.

“Today at around 7:50, two unknown gunmen riding a bike opened fire at Kotla Saida Check post in Dera Ismail Khan in which two policemen deployed at the check post were killed,” Dera Ismail Khan district police officer Saleem Riaz told EFE.

“When at around 8:30 the ambulance taking the dead bodies reached the District Headquarters Hospital and people and police gathered around it a suicide bomber who was apparently a female blew herself up just outside the hospital building,

“In the blast, eight people, including two policemen, were killed and 29 others, including seven policemen, were injured.

“Initial investigation says around seven kilogram of explosives was used in the blast and hair and feet of the woman suicide bomber were also found from the scene. There will be a DNA test to confirm it was a female bomber."

Meanwhile, Tehrik-e-Taliban’s spokesman Muhammed Khurasani announced the suicide bomber was waiting at the hospital when the ambulance was transferring the bodies of the two policemen.

“In the attack dozens of police were killed,” Khurasani said.

Khurasani explained that the attack was avenging one of their fighters, who was shot down by the police in Dera Ismail Khan on June 23.

“Our activities of revenge will continue and we will avenge every drop of blood of our martyrs,” he continued.EFE-EPA