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The president of the United States on Saturday said the opposition wanted to turn the country into Venezuela and called the Democratic Party a party of crime.

During a campaign rally in West Virginia for mid-term Senate elections, President Donald Trump lashed out against the Democrats.

"They want to make us Venezuela," said Trump, addressing a crowd wearing T-shirts with his popular slogan "Make America Great Again." Venezuela is currently facing a serious economic and political crisis.

Trump added that the Democratic Party was "the party of crime" and they had gone "loco" – using the Spanish-language term for "crazy."

The president criticized the democrats for trying to stop the candidature of his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by three women and is facing an FBI probe over the allegations.

Trump urged his voters to reject the opposition's moves against his nominee.

"You see what's going on. You see this horrible, horrible, radical group of Democrats. You see it happening right now," said Trump, referring to a Senate hearing in which one of the women who has accused Kavanaugh of misconduct testified about the incidents which she said took place in 1982.

At the rally, Trump also referred the FBI investigation during his speech and said they were free to proceed as they wanted, after ordering the agency to carry out the probe on Friday, changing his earlier stance of opposing an investigation.

He also characteristically referred to US relations with other countries, especially the ongoing dialogue with North Korea.

"We fell in love. He wrote me beautiful letters," he said about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and said that the two countries were almost at the point of going to war during the term of his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump also launched another tirade against what he calls the “fake news media” to crowd jeers of “CNN sucks.”

“The number one enabler of the Democrats is the fake news media. They stoke the fires of resentment and chaos… They report phony news… They are truly an enemy of the people… they are so bad,” he said.