efe-epaSydney, Australia

Australia is considering banning laptops in cabin baggage on commercial flights to prevent terrorist attacks, following the lead of the United States and the United Kingdom, the Australian Prime Minister said Tuesday.

"We are looking at it very closely. We are taking into account all of the information and advice we're receiving internationally and we're working very closely with our partners," Malcolm Turnbull told reporters in Adelaide Tuesday, according to ABC News.

"In due course, any announcements will be made formally though the transport minister," he added.

Turnbull did not elaborate on which destinations would be affected by the proposed measure.

European and US authorities will meet this week in Brussels as Washington considers whether to expand its laptop ban to include countries from the European Union.

US officials previously said that the ban on large electronic devices, in force since March, was based on intelligence information indicating that terrorist groups have designed bombs that can be concealed in electronic devices and could circumvent security measures at airports.