An exhibition highlighting excess trash in Thailand, one of the world's most wasteful nations, opened to the public on Wednesday.

Hosted by Thailand's Health Promotion Fund, the exhibition features hundreds of discarded pieces of rubbish, including plastic drinking bottles, sweet wrappers, discarded steering wheels and toilet seats, hanging from the ceiling, an epa-efe journalist reports.

In the show's activity zone, visitors can count the average number of items they dispose of per day, as well as learn about the country's garbage separation practices and practical waste management innovations.

The presentation also includes short films illustrating the scale of the country's consumption and trash problem.

'Go Zero Waste - A Life Without Waste' is aimed at providing practical waste management, as the country struggles with an inadequate waste separation system, director of the health promotion fund Supreeda Aduyanon said, according to the Thai National News Bureau and Public Relations department.

The exhibition was launched this week by the Fund to raise awareness of Thailand's waste problem, and aims to provide practical solutions to reduce the country's trash.

The Southeast Asian nation was the world's sixth most wasteful country last year, producing over 27 million metric tons of trash, according to the Health Promotion Fund.

Less than 20% of all waste in Thailand is recycled, Aduyanon said, adding that up to 70% of organic waste contains substances that contaminate nearby soil and water, resulting in environmental and health hazards.

The exhibition runs until Jan. 31, 2019.