efe-epaBilbao, Spain

Basque separatist group ETA is set to announce its dissolution in the first week of May at an event in the French city of Bayonne, sources told EFE.

Details of the event, set to take place on May 5 and expected to be attended by representatives of the Basque government, political parties and trade unions, will be announced at a press conference on Friday.

Sources from the Basque autonomous government had refused to comment on what they called speculations and said that as and when there is a decision by the ETA, they would evaluate it.

Basque public television station ETB had reported on Wednesday that ETA was planning to announce its dissolution on the first weekend of May.

In Bayonne, on April 8 - the first anniversary of the disarmament of ETA - Arnaldo Otegi, leader of the EH Bildu political party, had announced that the militant group would be taking new steps in the coming weeks and months.