Brazil's president-elect on Saturday pledged to fight communism in Latin America and consolidate a new political age that began with his victory in elections held in October.

Jair Bolsonaro was addressing the Conservative Summit of the Americas via videoconference from his home in Rio de Janeiro, where he is recovering from a stabbing during a campaign rally.

The leader of Brazil's far-right said "everyone" in Latin America "knows of the consequences of the left", adding that "Cuba is the clearest example, and the country that is closest to this reality is Venezuela".

Bolsonaro encouraged Latin American conservatives "not to desist, not to lose hope" and "to keep the flame of freedom alive".

He also urged them to fight the Sao Paulo Forum, an organization of Latin American left-wing parties, and wage a "comprehensive struggle for freedom, democracy and free trade".

Bolsonaro, who will assume the presidency on Jan. 1, added that he hopes his time in office can help inspire similar movements in other countries in the region.

At the conference, his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, put Brazil forward as a potential host of hypothetical trial of the leftist "dictatorships" in Venezuela,Cuba and Nicaragua.

This proposal was first made by United States-based Cuban author Orlando Gutierrez, a staunch opponent of the government in Havana, who said that the people of Latin America must unite to put an end to the "communist dictatorships" in those countries.