EFERio de Janeiro

Brazilian police seized about 1.5 tons of cocaine in an operation in Mato Grosso do Sul state, which borders on Paraguay and Bolivia, the largest confiscation of the drug in the past 10 years in Brazil, authorities said Thursday.

The drug was found inside the cargo area of a truck parked at a hidden warehouse on the border with Bolivia, the Federal Police said in a communique.

In the operation, which was carried out on Wednesday afternoon, police arrested three people who were at the site.

The officers raided the site after receiving a tip from a taxi driver who apparently was a member of the drug trafficking band that owned the cocaine.

According to press reports, the warehouse belongs to a Bolivian citizen who was arrested in the operation.

The drug, apparently, was hidden beneath a load of iron in the truck to fool police and facilitate its transport to the port of Santos, Brazil's largest maritime terminal and the main dispatch point for Brazilian exports.