efe-epaPalma de Mallorca (Spain)

The brother-in-law of the king of Spain arrived midday Wednesday at a regional court on the Balearic Island of Mallorca to be instructed that he had five days to turn himself in to complete a five-year jail sentence after being found guilty of corruption.

Iñaki Urdangarín arrived at the Palma courthouse where officials informed him of the requirements he had to fulfill in order to complete a jail term set at five years and 10 months.

Urdangarín, who is married to Princess Cristina, a sister of King Felipe VI, on Tuesday lost an appeal at Spain's Supreme Court against his sentence.

While the Supreme Court reduced the sentence originally imposed on him by the court in Palma from six years and three months to five years and 10 months, it ratified the guilty verdict on several counts linked to public corruption.

Urdangarin was found guilty of knowingly committing unlawful acts, embezzlement and fraud after benefiting from large sums of public funds that were channeled through supposedly non-profit entities run by him and his business partner.

Dozens of photographers, television cameras and editors jostled in front of the resort island's court as Urdangarin arrived, accompanied by his lawyer, Mario Pascual Vives.

Urdangarín currently lives with Princess Cristina in Geneva, Switzerland.

Diego Torres, Urdangarín's business partner, was also given five days to turn himself in to jail voluntarily before having to complete his sentence of five years and eight months for similar crimes.