EFEToronto, Canada

The leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, said early Tuesday after winning the country's federal elections that Canadian voters have chosen "a progressive plan" and that he is ready to form a government.

Trudeau addressed supporters gathered at a hotel in Montreal at 1.30 am after 91 percent of the votes had been counted and Elections Canada showed that his Liberal Party had secured 158 seats of the 338-member House of Commons (lower house of parliament) and 31.8 percent of the votes.

In second place was the Conservative Party with 34.1 percent of the votes and 121 seats, followed by the sovereignist Bloc Quebecois with 8.1 percent of the ballots and 31 seats, and the social democratic New Democratic Party with 17.6 percent of the votes and 26 seats.

The Green Party obtained 2.4 percent of the votes and two seats.

The outcome is almost exactly the same as that of the 2019 elections, when the Liberals won 157 seats and the Conservatives became the main opposition party with 121 seats.