The streets of Caracas were once again the scene of new protests by citizens demanding - in separate demonstrations - food and spare parts for their vehicles, on a day on which Chavista government supporters mobilized to support the country's distribution system for products in the basic economic basket.

In the capital's eastern La California zone, residents faced off against the National Police and the National Guard - who used tear gas to disperse them - to demand food and reject the Local Supply and Production Committees created by the leftist government to facilitate the distribution of basic articles among the populace.

Different sectors have warned that the committees, staffed largely by Chavista sympathizers, could politicize the distribution of basic products and make the lack of products in the stores more acute.

Maria Uzcategui, who said she was not a Chavista, told EFE that if the late President Hugo Chavez "were here, this nuisance would not be happening."

The demonstration forced the local metro station to close and vehicle traffic was cut through the area during the protest.

Opposition lawmaker Jose Guerra denounced on Twitter another "irregular situation" at the El Valle Commercial Center in the western part of the city.

"Many people shouting and demanding food. Storeowners closed their businesses," he tweeted, later posting a photo of demonstrators.

In the Chacao municipality, also in eastern Caracas, about 200 public transportation workers demonstrated in front of the Transportation and Public Works Ministry to demand a meeting with the head of that ministry, Luis Sauce, the daily El Nacional reported.

The transport workers were seeking to express their concern over high prices for spare parts for their vehicles and other problems within the sector, the paper added.

The protests were staged simultaneously with an official march through downtown Caracas to the Miraflores presidential palace in support of the supply and distribution committees and to reject the so-called "economic war" against Venezuela.