Leftist Pedro Castillo was announced as the new president-elect of Peru on Monday, a month and a half after an election in which the right-wing contender Keiko Fujimori alleged "systematic fraud" without presenting any reliable evidence.

After declaring the latest legal challenges presented by Fujimori as unfounded, the National Elections Jury (JNE) endorsed the results of the June 6 poll, where Castillo obtained 50.12 percent of the votes, just 44,263 votes ahead of Fujimori.

Dina Boluarte was also proclaimed vice president in the plenary session of the JNE held via videoconference.

Minutes after the announcement, Castillo and Boluarte appeared on the balcony of the Peru Libre party headquarters in Lima, where the new leader assured the country that now "Peru comes first," and called for the loyalty of the people and "effort and sacrifice" to be shared in the "struggle to make Peru more just, more sovereign, more dignified and more humane."